Once you’ve installed SuperEasyStats, you need to tell Excel how to find it. Fortunately, that’s quite simple. Just follow the steps below…

Step #1

Start Microsoft Excel. Once it’s running, go the File menu, and click on Options (which is waaaay down at the bottom). You should see a dialog that sort of looks like this. When this dialog appears, click the menu item on the left called Add-ins, then you’ll see the section called Manage: Excel Add-ins. Click the Go… button. 

Excel Options dialog

Step #2

Next you’ll see the Add-ins dialog. Click the Browse button, and navigate to the place where you installed the SuperEasyStats files. Select the file SuperEasyStats.xlam and click Open. In the Add-ins dialog, make sure the box next to SuperEasyStats (BETA) is checked. To finish the setup, click the OK button.
Excel Add-ins dialog

The SuperEasyStats menu should now appear on the Excel Ribbon You’re ready to go!