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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is SuperEasyStats for?

SuperEasyStats is built with the philosophy (based on our experience training and mentoring hundreds of people over the years) that there are a relatively small number of tools that cover the needs of most people who are practicing “structured problem solving” (primarily Lean and Six Sigma type projects). If you are someone who has gone through Lean Six Sigma training and you want to use the tools you were taught to solve problems, but without wasting a lot of time trying to remember complex functions,  or trying to figure out complex, specialized software, then SuperEasyStats is for you.

Is SuperEasyStats free?

No….and yes! You can download and install an unregistered copy of SuperEasyStats to test it out. Not all features are enabled, but you’ll get a good idea of what it can do. If you want full functionality, you’ll need to register.

How much does it cost to register SuperEasyStats?

US $99. You can register here!

Can I use SuperEasyStats on more than one computer?

Your registration will allow you to use SuperEasyStats on a single computer. If you would like to use the full version on multiple computers you’ll need to purchase a registration for each device.

Can transfer my SuperEasyStats registrations to a new computer?

Yes. If you would like to transfer your registration, please contact us and we’ll help you do that.

Are you going to add more functionality?

We do add more functionality periodically, and often in response to user feedback. That said, SuperEasyStats is–by design–meant to have a more limited set of tools than other packages. There are two reasons for that:

  • First, the driving philosophy behind this product is that it should be “super easy”! If there are too many tools to pick from, things stop being so easy and become overly complicated.
  • Secondly, you can do a lot with this limited set of tools. In my years coaching Lean practitioners and executing on improvement projects myself, I saw the same tools used again and again to get great results. Those are the tools that are included in SuperEasyStats. Certainly there are less frequently used tools that are powerful and incredibly useful, but most folks don’t need them most of the time.
  • Third (yes, I know I said there were two reasons, but you’re getting this extra reason for free!), it’s just not feasible to add every analytical tool under the sun and keep SuperEasyStats affordable. And  affordability is a key feature!

I think I found a bug, how can I report it?

Use our contact form!